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All of our employees are actively encouraged to contribute to the production process, as each individual plays an integral role in our organization and his/her professional development is highly supported.

When joining Etea individuals will integrate into a thriving working environment, characterized by specific values, work ethic and company culture, especially focusing on:

  • Moral integrity, respect, trust and responsibility;
  • Professional and, when necessary, linguistic competence;
  • Problem solving aptitude and resilience in the face of difficulties;
  • Intellectual curiosity, disposition to travel and open-minded attitude.

Selection process

The selection process varies based on the job profile and can, in function of the position, be conducted following the subsequent steps in order to verify the capabilities and abilities of the candidate:

  1. Application on-line and/or hard copy;
  2. Introductory Interview;
  3. Aptitude test;
  4. Assessment;
  5. Interview with management and/or team leader.

For the most effective analysis of the candidate’s curriculum we ask that submissions be made through the online form, which can be accessed here.