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The organic ingredient line encompasses a wide range of wheat-based processed products: starches, vital wheat gluten and alcohol. In the alcohol sector we market both high-quality grain neutral alcohol for spirits industry and high-quality alcohol for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Given our experience as ingredients processors and our involvement in the organic market, we have chosen a global approach to organic ingredients. We focus on raw material procurement while directly verifying product traceability across the value chain. As organic products are an important aspect of our global approach, we have chosen to be directly involved in the organic value chain by establishing and managing our own organic crop origination activities.


Etea Organic, our company for organic raw material origination and trade, monitors the different raw material production stages in order to guarantee full compliance with internationally established organic standards. This is done by working with our selected suppliers and directly managing organic farming activities.

Thanks to our involvement in raw material sourcing and related supply chain activities – such as transport – we are able to propose a wide range of organic ingredients with full traceability that are in complete compliance with organic standards. Our involvement at each step in the supply chain and attention to detail successfully help customers to face the risks and reputational challenges posed by organic productions.

Organic vital
wheat gluten

Ingredients for production of organic bakery products and other organic food applications

Organic native starch

Ingredients for production of organic food applications

Organic alcohol

Ingredients for production of pharmaceutical products, organic cosmetics products, organic alcoholic beverages and other organic food and industrial applications

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